Jumat, 26 September 2014

best tour in Indonesia

As coastal areas, especially the tourism potential beach tourism. Krui potential as a tourist destination well known to foreign tourists. This region is frequently visited by tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists, with the main objective to surfing or fishing for blue marlin. The recent flow of tourist visits to the region has increased with the vigorous promotion, both domestically and abroad, either through print or electronic media. Looking ahead, the region is projected to be one of the leading tourist destination with the opening of Seray airfield as a means of transportation , the tourism industry is expected to develop into a mainstay of the region's industry.

Krui is one of the world class surf break destination in Indonesia. Many surfer from most surf country in the world come to krui for surfing. Places are often used as tourist attractions and is frequented Labuan Jukung Beach, Tanjung Setia Beach, Lemong Beach. Natural resources are produced from crops that have been recognized internationally such as vessel (damar), pepper and cloves.

Krui as a tourist destination is relatively quite compare to Bali or Lombok. There are many surf spot in Krui. *Ujung Bocur : is a long, consistent lefthander with alternating barrel and turn sections. It’s hollower and a bit more challenging at low tide, this wave gets the most crowded. *Way Jambu: often referred to as ‘The Sumatran Pipeline’ by visiting surfers or ‘absolute evil’ by the local fishermen, Way Jambu offers experienced surfers the barrel of their lives. Heavy, critical take-off into a top-to-bottom barrel. *Jimmy’s : Jimmy’s is one of the areas premiere waves. Both break off the headland facing an amazing stretch of white sand beach. *Mandiri : A huge stretch of beachie that is almost always fun and can get epic. Drive up and pick an empty peak. Hardly ever flat.

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